Working with the Perry Campaign Team

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BizGreet is working with Texans for Rick Perry for a second time this election cycle. The Governor’s campaign was one of the first groups to use our legacy system back in 2009, but this time around they’ve been able to take advantage of all of the latest features of the BizGreet platform:

BizGreet is a platform for mass-personalized video ads that morph for each distinct viewer. The video the campaign put together morphed based on three data fields, including a viewer’s first name, their location, and the date. To do this, the Governor recorded almost 700 names, over 30 cities, and 3 different outros that changed based on the date. It might sound daunting, but it’s really simple, quick, and the Governor was able to record all of these segments in just 45 minutes. BizGreet then programmatically delivered a video to each viewer that would say their name, their city, and give them a time-sensitive message.

The Perry campaign emailed the BizGreet videos via personalized URLs to over 350,000 people. They incorporated BizGreet into their Facebook fan page (which you can see here: and they also embedded personalized BizGreet videos on the campaign website (which you can see here:

After seeing what we did for the Governor’s campaign, we’ve been getting a lot of interest from political campaigns on both sides of the aisle who are looking for ways to reach out to voters with personalized appeals. BizGreet as a great way to do it. If you’re with a campaign and want to know more, head to to give us some more information, or email us at info[at] and ask us how we can help. It’s still not too late to incorporate BizGreet into your winning strategy.

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