StreamVine plays well with other programs. Your website, web application, CRM, or other program can access StreamVine’s mass-customization engine, allowing you to create instant video customizations automatically, and display those videos anywhere on the web.

Our query string constructor is an XML request that leads to a StreamVine video hosting page (VHP), just with a dynamically created link (instead of a PURL). It takes you straight to a VHP, but the lead isn’t pre-populated on the server, it’s created instantly on the fly.

A StreamVine XML request is another form of programmatic access that is made to our server, but the video hosting isn’t done by us. We supply the XML playlist manifest (e.g. to the requesting website, so that your video ad can literally be played anywhere, and customized using any data. This is a request made from a remote entity, it could be any website, any third party application, any third party hosting, etc.

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