StreamVine gives you ultimate flexibility and control over how your video ads appear.  You produce the ad, upload the segments, define the decision rules, and launch the campaign. Our platform applies your decision rules and morphs each distinct video ad to use the segments and the criteria that you have set. Imagine…you can think about specific audience members as individuals, allowing StreamVine to assemble ads that appeal to each one of them individually.  Up until now, you’ve had to create whole ads ahead of time and then find an audience to watch those ads. With StreamVine, advertising can become personal and relevant. Viewers will watch them with more frequency and better attentiveness, and click through to take action. Ads never have to be the same again.

We are changing the way video ads are seen and experienced, anywhere videos are watched…and our ads deliver about 2x better clickthrough performance over non-personalized video ads. With StreamVine, you can drastically improve your email marketing, automated lead management, social media marketing, and any other communications effort where video plays a role.