With StreamVine, it’s easy to setup multiple distribution options and track them all simultaneously in one dashboard.  StreamVine can power your own email marketing efforts with Personalized URLs (PURLs), power web forms with customized video auto-responders, be a video-based lead management tool inside of a CRM, and create highly customized videos on shopping cart pages, in display banners, and on any website with a simple embed code.  You can even distribute your video ads on Facebook – place the ads on a fan page, and use Facebook user models to customize the video ad content.

Facebook Distribution

StreamVine videos can play inside the Facebook canvas, using Facebook user data to customize the messages.

PURL Distribution

One of the most basic ways to distribute your video ads is through our custom PURL (Personalized URL) generator. Upload your contacts into StreamVine as a comma separated values spreadsheet, and then export PURLs that you can add to an email marketing distribution. StreamVine hosts these videos on a specialized VHP (Video Hosting Page) that you can design with simple images and HTML or customize completely via CSS.