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04 15, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

After several months wrangling over what our new name should be, we settled on StreamVine. We felt it was very important to try to encapsulate all that we do today, plus all that we intend to enable in the future. For this, BizGreet just did not work anymore.

We originally built BizGreet for ourselves. It was to be a simple, incremental prospecting tool for our marketing agency’s own use. After we launched it and began using it for ourselves, we quickly discovered how appealing the idea of personalized video was to companies of all types…B2B, B2C and non-profits. What we built as a very simple “business greeting” tool has become something completely different. While we were building the specs for what would become BizGreet 2.0, we determined then that the name BizGreet no longer covered the vision of our company: “every video stream, on every video-capable device, dynamically customized for each individual viewer, anywhere”.

StreamVine is a name that speaks to our overarching goals and our enduring vision. We exist to make video streams morph to each viewer. Allowing advertisers and video producers to craft uniquely perfect video messages for every single person, in real-time, at scale, is a powerful application. We chose “Stream” because we are creating streams…dynamic streams are the centerpiece of our technology…and “Vine” because there are parallel vines that are unique and complete for each viewer. Hence “StreamVine”.

The logo design is still going to fluctuate in the coming months, but we felt this was a good foundation to launch from. It does successfully encapsulate our desire to create videos that communicate directly to the unique attributes of every viewer. In the future, this logo is likely to change…or perhaps “morph” is a better word?

Thanks for coming along with us…we are excited about the future!

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