• BizGreet is now StreamVine

    15 April, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

    After several months wrangling over what our new name should be, we settled on StreamVine. We felt it was very important to try to encapsulate all that we do today, plus all that we intend to enable in the future. For this, BizGreet just did not work anymore. We originally built BizGreet for ourselves. It was to be a simple, incremental prospecting tool for our marketing agency's own ... Read more »

  • TV Ad Targeting Might Be Jumping the Shark

    07 March, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

    WSJ Posted an article today on emerging TV ad targeting practices: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704288304576171251689944350.html ...and not to take anything away from these brave companies who are pioneering TV ad targeting, they might be jumping the shark here. I want to draw your attention to some alarming data gathering tactics that will undoubtedly alarm many Americans who won't see it coming.  It is very discomforting to get a personalized or a targeted ad directed at you ... Read more »

  • Oh, Yeah Baby – BizGreet Throwdown: Calling All Ad Agencies @ SXSW

    06 March, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

    Does your CD Have What It Takes? This rawks hard. Keeping it short and simple...here we go: We're looking for ad agency creative directors who have experience with creative optimization and/or are looking to try our video personalization platform before pitching it to your own clients. It's hard to describe BizGreet to your clients without showing them some compelling examples.  Our own examples aren't good enough because they weren't made by someone ... Read more »

  • SXSW Panel – How to Personalize Without Being Creepy

    03 March, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

    Join Us at SXSW for How to Personalize Without Being Creepy Ballroom B, Austin Convention Center · Monday, March 14, 2011, 9:30am SXSW Schedule Find Us on Plancast After seeing the backlash over Instant Personalization from Facebook, many people have been nervous to approach the subject. But invariably, as we move forward into an increasingly data-driven society, personalization will need to become a larger and larger part of how we ... Read more »

  • Proposing a Personalization Standard

    31 January, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

    We're putting a lot into our research and thinking behind our upcoming SXSWi panel, "How to Personalize Without Being Creepy". I think it's time to get clearer on what we at BizGreet are for and what we are against with regard to viewer privacy, the broader practice of personalization, and consumer rights in general. For starters, you can check out our privacy policy and read a previous blog on this topic. And below ... Read more »

  • Why Personalization Matters

    30 January, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

    Over the last two years, we've spent quite a bit of time monitoring the results of our personalized video ads in A/B testing.  What we've been trying to find out is whether personalization really matters in video advertising. I doubt anyone would be astonished to find out that it does.  Our internal testing has revealed at least a 2x lift in clickthrough rates for video streams that are personalized in some ... Read more »

  • WebM: Why We’re OK With It

    12 January, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

    Web video, up until recently, has not played natively.  It has always required a plugin (like Flash) or a client-side player (like Windows Media Player or QuickTime) to play.  This has all changed with the advent of HTML5, a markup language built for the needs of today's web users.  The new language gives us the ability to embed videos and play them natively, by using a simple embed tag that ... Read more »

  • Everyone Keeps Reinforcing What We’ve Been Saying All Along

    06 January, 2011 Blog 0 Comment

    TechCrunch earlier this week posted Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011.  And what was #1? Web video on your TV. We, of course, agree.  TV is experiencing a massive shift..."seismic" is accurate, albeit cliche.  Web video is coming to TV, and it will sometime soon become a real and viable alternative to the status quo - cable and satellite.  When that happens, you will suddenly have vastly more options for entertainment and ... Read more »

  • How Will You Watch TV in 2011?

    04 January, 2011 Blog 1 Comment

    Or better yet, on which devices will you watch TV?  And will those devices give you a viewing experience that is solid enough to make you think about ditching your cable or satellite service? The shift from broadcast TV to narrowcast TV has been foretold for some time.  We blogged about it back in July. We actually think there are several phases to this shift, and that there are in fact ... Read more »

  • Perry Technology Calls Out Your Name

    21 October, 2010 News 0 Comment

    | Permalink | Christy Hoppe/Reporter - Dallas Morning News The latest email missive sent by the Rick Perry campaign shows some cutting-edge technology that is creating interest from other campaigns across the country. If you've signed up to be kept informed of events, new ads and other campaign info, as I have, then you probably got something in your email this morning. If you click on the video, you'll see Perry standing before a ... Read more »