StreamVine Was Built for Advertising Agencies

StreamVine is a specialized tool that will do amazing things in your capable hands.

We’ve built the software…now YOU have to take our platform’s capabilities and push them to the edges.  Come up with creative uses, ingenious scripts and storylines, and make great customized commercials.

Agencies are looking for “the big play in video” in 2011.  Clients and brands are demanding more creativity, more accountability, more video, more social, more viral growth.  StreamVine delivers on every level.  It makes you look good, and it makes you instantly cutting edge and innovative.  Best of all, StreamVine will make you money.

At the end of the day, clients demand creativity and accountability, at the same time.  StreamVine gives you a perfect opportunity to deliver plenty of both.

Here are a couple of reasons agencies love StreamVine:

Creative Control

Agency creative teams need to be creative.  But everywhere they turn, they face severe limitations.  Facebook…YouTube…Google Ads…Television…online TV…every medium has a limitation that reduces their number of available colors and the sizes of their canvasses.  They always have to play by the rules set by that particular “walled garden”.  “Don’t move these buttons”…”Don’t change those colors or graphics”…  “the frame needs to be 597×715” …and on and on and on.

On the other hand, StreamVine is anything but limited.  Creative teams love StreamVine because they are free to create awesome video ads, and control how they appeal to individuals…not just one ad to appeal to entire segments or broad audiences.  StreamVine lets you get uninhibited.  Make edgier spots…make edgier creative…run multiple, virtually infinite versions of an ad.  Swap creative elements…go crazy with the details.  Get your favorite lines, jokes, thoughts and poof points covered.  Change everything.  Make EACH AD special.


Account directors see the world differently from CDs…they have to offer up ROI, measure everything and satisfy the business objectives of clients.  StreamVine gives you the tools you need to justify your customization programs, and the appropriate level of excitement to make clients see you differently from every other agency they could be working with.

What sets your agency apart?  Where are you lagging behind?  Let StreamVine be part of making a noticeable difference in your agency’s appeal and effectiveness.

Give us a few details about your agency, and let’s get started!

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